Monday, 4 July 2011


Hey there fellow beauty lovers,
My name is Tara, I'm 19, and I am in love with makeup, as you may have already guessed. Now, I won't claim to be a professional, because believe me, I have plenty to learn. But, I do love to play and experiment with makeup and other beauty products. I am creating this blog because I would love to share my different looks with people who share the same passion for makeup that I do, but in addition, I would love to see what other people create, and eventually, as this blog grows, I would like to do contests and giveaways. I have many ideas already, and I'm sure you can expect a haul and an outfit of the day shortly, as well as tips for beauty on a budget, because believe me, I of all people know that sometimes beauty has to take a backseat in this economy, especially while I am in school. So, in short, I hope you continue to read on and I look forward to chatting with you on future posts. 
Talk to you soon,

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